– Text and translation of the Aria of the Roses by Susanna

In last weeks blog I told a little bit about Mozarts opera “Le Nozze di Figaro” and about Susanna and Figaro, Count Almaviva and his wife, the Countess. This time I’d like to present the tekst of the recitative and of the aria as sung by Susanna, with their translations.

Rec. Giunse al fin il momento:

Giunse al fin il momento che godrò senz’affanno in braccio all’idol mio.

Timide cure, uscite dal mio petto, a turbar non venite il mio diletto!

Oh, come par che all’amoroso foco l’amenita del loco, la terra e il ciel risponda,

come la notte i furti miei seconda!


At last the moment has come that I shall enjoy without distress in the arms of my idol.

Timid cares, leave my breast,do not come to disturb my delight!

Oh how the beauty of this place,the earth and sky seem to answer my amorous fire;

as the night assists my thefts!

Aria Deh vieni non tardar:

Deh, vieni non tardar, oh gioja bella, Vieni ove amore per goder t’appella,

Finché non splende in ciel notturna face, finché l’aria è ancor bruna e il mondo tace.

Qui mormora il ruscel, qui scherza l’aura, Che col dolce sussurro il cor ristaura,

Qui ridono i fioretti e l’erba è fresca, Ai piaceri d’amor qui tutto adesca.

Vieni, ben mio, tra queste piante ascose, ti vo’la fronte incoronar di rose.


Oh come, do not be long, my dearest joy, come to where love calls you to take delight,

For as long as the moon shines not in the sky, for as long as the air is dark and the world is silent.

Here the brook murmurs and the wind whispers sweetly, refreshing the hearts;

Here are charming flowers and fresh grass, here all entices to love pleasures.

Come, my love, among the hidden trees, I’ll crown your head with roses.

Have a nice week!


Marijke Persijn


– Recitative and Susannas aria from “Le Nozze di Figaro” – “Figaro’s wedding” by Mozart

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