Concerts (EN)

The MaGMa trio concerts

An exceptional experience

Musical and magnificentAfbeelding1

Dreaming away to the sounds of great music, musical support to a special event, Trio MaGMa offers the possibility.

A house concert, composed in close consultation with you, gives that extra that makes the meeting special.
Is there an activity of your organization or association, you hold an exhibition or performance, we are happy to contribute with additional musical accents.

MB comment 1

You want a break, a moment of “prime time” in which to enjoy excellent music? We regularly provide longer or shorter concerts.
Please see our Agenda.

Musical and modest – concert in privacy

House concerts

To give an extra touch to your activity in your own home, we have the ability to assemble a specific program together with you of, let’s say, twice 20 minutes.
Are you celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary, you are organizing a New Year’s reception, you give a dinner for special guests, we are more than happy to contribute to the success of it.


Additional musical keyKoor

Your choir gives a gala concert, you open the exhibition of your paintings?
During the closing dinner of the weekend with your management team are you looking for a suitable musical metaphor about bringing together quality and talent?

Or you want a dinner at your restaurant featured by a musical moment? We do like to propose one or two interludes of 20 minutes each, composed together with you. We will take care of it!

Musical and vivacious – concerts for a large audience

Shorter concerts

A festive week in your commity or a thematical happening in your region, we would like to propose to combine this with a specific concert of about 45 minutes. This allows the visitors to rest for a moment to be able to fully enjoy the rest of the festivity as well as that the quality of the performance of the MaGMa Trio is better valued.

QuattuorLonger concerts

On a regular basis we give afternoon and evening concerts and we can imagine that you, as organiser of an event, would be interested in this option.  Thanks to our backgrounds, expertise and experience, we are a garantee for quality for you, when you compile your programme.

We create an atmosphere in which visitors can forget daily life. We take them along into the world of musical magic!

Please have a look at our Agenda.