Weekends (EN)

Different … in the Ardennes

Marijke portret“The Touch”-weekend

Every musician is very much aware of the fact that making qualitatively outstanding music is hard work. This effort calls for a weekend in the Ardennes, in which you can enjoy tranquility and deepening through chanting, yoga, meditation, breath exercises and massage, with individual attention.

Marijke Persijn, besides her profession as a singer, is a certified masseuse, energetic therapist, Pilates- and yoga teacher and she offers a combination of these disciplines to let you enjoy and recharge in this weekend.

“Music and fun” – weekend

“Are we still doing the right things?”, “Are we still satisfied in doing what and how we do it?” and “Is it actually still fun, making music together?”, all questions that you, as musicians, surely recognise because they rise in any ensemble. To assist you in refinding both your motivation and the fun of making music together, Marijke Persijn, assisted by a colleague who is specialised in group processes, offers a weekend-long occasion to refocus for ensembles up to four persons.