Tailor made

MaGMa Trio for special occasions

Our qualitiy and experience are at your disposal 

Musical and empathic

Taart1Weddings and funerals

On specific occasions, musical support deepens the emotional experience.
The MaGMa Trio is well known for its appropriate and respectful interpretations.



Thematic concerts

14 Opmaat Maria

The comprehensive repertoire of the MaGMa Trio allows it to compose specific programmes for thematic concerts.

How about “Spring” as theme or “Mary in Music”?
We welcome any ideas that you have, we are interested in them!

Musical and magic

Children’s plays15 Opmaat BenB

Castles, princesses, princes and magicians, innocent sheperdesses and vicious stepmothers …
In plays for children anything is possible … but why would it only be for children?


An excellent occasion for children to get aquainted with classical music. An ideal introduction into this world of wonders!

Special projects

Imagine: with the children of your school, you’d like to give a special performance, but … you cannot find the time. Or, together with the members of your community it seems like an excellent idea for Christmas, to study and sing Christmas Carols together! Solidarity through music?
The MaGMa Trio would gladfully organise and execute these activities for and with you!

DSC03309New compositions

Various composers (Peter Visser, Gérard Lambert) have written pieces for – members of – Trio MaGMa. For example “Je vous salue, Marie“.  For Wouter Schults our Trio became the desired partner for his “Chanson pour Mirjam”. Are you looking for interpreters for your composition? We would be happy to assist you in bringing your creation to life!