– Haydn and Winter

Marijke Flute, Gérard and me, all three of us had our preferred piece in our programme of the concert “Winter Silence” in Dochamps. Marijke Flute really loves “Flow my tears” by Dowland. For that, please do click on this link of the video and/or switch to last weeks blog. Gérard prefers another aria which we will share next week. I love the music as composed by Haydn, in this case the instrumental intro, two recitatives and the Cavatine from “Die Jahreszeiten”, “The Seasons”.

I love this music so much, that I even translated it into Klavarskribo, a way of musicnotation that is very visual, even for the part of the flute. It made it possible also for me to play this music on the harpsicord and the piano. Such fun!


For me, in a trio it is essential that it is more than 2 plus 1, the total should be more than just completing the addition. For me, it means that once in a while any member also should be willing to get aquainted with pieces that another member would definitely love to see in the programme, studies it in order to be able to perform it during a concert. You do this out of respect for your colleague and out of appreciation for all the energy and love he or she puts into developing him or herself and the entirety of that trio.

So, I’d really like to thank Marijke and Gérard for making it possible to perform the Haydn pieces with me.

I saw the snow cladden landscapes, the white fields and the covered woods.

Thanks to Eric for creating this video and finding the pictures that support the essence of the Winter according to Haydn so well.

Have a nice week

Marijke Chant

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