– End of the MaGMa Trio

Dear friends of the MaGMa Trio.

As you know, the MaGMa Trio has recently celebrated its five year anniversary. This took place with a concert on 26 January 2020 in the church of Dochamps.

This concert has also been the last of the MaGMa Trio. After discussions we have decided together, that a prolongation of structural cooperation is not opportune. Differences in ideas about any form of future for the Trio as well as diverging aspirations, form the basis for this decision. Also age and available time have been considered.

We are looking back at five wonderful years in which we have experienced very fine moments. We hope that we’ve been able to add impressive moments to the memory of those interested in our music. We thank all of you who helped and supported us in offering opportunities to sharing our music with you. We thank all our fans in Belgium and abroad for their positive and encouraging reactions and involvement.

The website of the Trio will be closed towards the end of March 2020, as will the Facebook page. Our videos will remain available on YouTube, including those from our last concert in Dochamps.

Goodbye and good luck to all.

Marijke Persijn

Marijke Verbeeck

Gérard Lambert

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