– Voice, Movement and Confidence

Our MaGMa Trio wishes you a very prosperous and healthy 2020, filled with beautiful music!

And we definitely intend to contribute to that as well.

Did you note the date of Sunday 26 January in your agendas? We will start our concert “Silence d’Hiver” (Winter Silence) at 16.00 hrs in the church of Dochamps.

We are happy with all the music we found that matches so well with the theme of this concert. So … allow yourself to be surprised!

I’d also like to inform you about the workshop you can subscribe for:   starting 15 January 2020 on Wednesday morning, I’ll present “La Voix, Le Mouvement et La Confiance” (Voice, Movement and Confidance), in the Centre Culturel in Barvaux.  For information and subscriptions: see the flyer.

We wish you a lovely week,

Marijke Persijn

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