– “Songs of the Ardennes”, last part

It was the first weekend of October that we performed our two concerts during the BAM! festival in La Roche-en- Ardenne. For the last time I’d like to re-introduce the video of the four poems by Jacques Perk, which have been put to music by the Dutch composer Peter Visser and which have experienced their World Premiere during these concerts.

For us, artists as well as all who helped us, it has been an enormous adventure! Of course it was hard work! For the musicians the rehearsals demanded a lot of time and energy for more than six months, we traveled to and from the Netherlands for them; we remember the inspiring discussions between the musicians and the painter Daisy Hoste and with the composer Peter Visser who assisted us so kindly. As far as the organisation part is concerned, we had the reunions with the coordinator of the BAM! festival, with the Mayor and Elderman for Culture of La Roche, with the coordinator of the Action Animation Tourisme of La Roche and the management and staff of the Hotel Floréal. And by telephone with representatives of the Embassy of the Netherlands to Belgium.

Once more we’d like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and helpfulness!

For a better understanding and perhaps appreciation of these works, I’d like to present the essence of the fourth and last poem as Eric has “translated” it. The poem is called “Dorpsdans”, “The dance of the village”. I’d like to remind you that the video only shows a part of the songs. If you are interested in the entire work, please do contact us!

Just contact us!

Dance of the village

Jacques Perk
1859 – 1881

At the sound of the violin in the vinyard
The youngsters rise to make a dance
Follow the rythm, cheeks like cherries,
Hands touch gently hips nearby.
The old man, standing at the entrance
Observes them kindly with a smile.
Happy with his life as it passes
Happy for the love he sees.

You see paintings made by the artist Daisy Hoste from Enneille/Durbuy, which match so wonderfully with the songs.

I hope you have enjoyed the words, the melody and the atmosphere of the “Songs of the Ardennes”!

Have a nice week!

Marijke Persijn

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