– “Songs of the Ardennes”, part 1

It’s already four weeks since our two concerts during the BAM! festival in La Roche-en- Ardenne. Today I’d like to re-introduce the video, a compilation, of the four poems by Jacques Perk, which have been put to music by the Dutch composer Peter Visser and which have experienced their World Premiere during these concerts.

For a better understanding and perhaps appreciation of these works, I’d like to present the essence of the first poem as Eric has “translated” it. The poem is called “Dorpsvesper”, “Village Vespers”. I’d like to remind you that the video only shows a part of the songs. If you are interested in the entire work, please do contact us!

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Jacques Perk
1859 – 1881

Village Vespers

The day is almost over, the bird’s about to rest.
Churchbells summon to congregate.
Assembling there in prayer, people celebrate the day.
Hate dies when common spirits join.

You see paintings made by the artist Daisy Hoste from Enneille/Durbuy, which match so wonderfully with the songs.

Do enjoy the words, the melody and the atmosphere of the “Songs of the Ardennes”!

Marijke Persijn

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