– Dutch high-level support for our Perk Project

The adapted poster

On Friday 20 september we received news from the Embassy of The Netherlands to Belgium: “The commission has decided to reward your application for “Dans les pas du poète Perk”!

This was excellent news indeed!

Eric has commited a lot of time and energy in establishing contact with the Embassy and had asked whether they might be interested in our project in the framework of the BAM! festival 2019 here in La Roche-en-Ardenne.

Informally they were quite positive but, understandibly, we had to follow the official route and had to participate in an open call for “cultural ambassadors”. After many weeks of waiting impatiently, now we had the answer: YES, the project had been selected and a representative from the Embassy will be present during the concert on Saturday 5 October in hotel Floréal!


What made us very happy as well was the confirmation of the presence of the elderman for Culture of Dordrecht, where Jacques Perk was born on 10 June 1859. Mister P. Sleeking kindly accepted the invitation to adress the audience, introducing the four “Chants d’Ardenne”. Four poems by Jacques Perk were put to music, as you might know by now, by Peter Visser specifically for our MaGMa Trio.

It is definitely going to be a promising event: the Mayor of La Roche has invited his relations from the governmental and cultural world in the province of Luxemburg and Wallony; The Embassy of the Netherlands to Belgium will be present; the elderman for Culture of Dordrecht will introduce Jacques Perk; Daisy Hoste exceptionally will expose paintings of hers, with new ones, inspired on the four musical poems; Marco Kalkman will accompany the “Chants d’Ardenne” on harpsicord and our Trio will propose one of the Fables by Jean de la Fontaine in two different versions, one of which was composed by Marco and … we as the MaGMa Trio celebrate our first “lustrum”, our five year anniversary.

You’ll understand that the character of the concerts of Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October will be a bit different. We advise you to make a reservation if you’d like to be present.

As a result of the above, the poster had of course to be adapted to the role of the Dutch Embassy. You see their logo now between the co-partners in the project at the bottom and also the phrase “avec le soutien de l’Ambassade du Royaume des Pays-Bas en Belgique” has been added: ”with support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Belgium”.  

Enjoy the week!

Marijke Persijn

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