– Jacques, Jacques and Jack

Yesterday I overheard Eric talking through the phone with a certain Jacques and it completely confused me. Of course I know the French poet Jacques Prévert. Last week I found his booklet “Paroles” in a book-exchange cupboard at Bardonwez. During Secundary School, I participated in a declamation contest of the Alliance Francaise with his “Page d’Ecriture” and “Complainte de Vincent”. My mother coached me.

M.A. Perk in front of the monument

And of course I am studying very hard on the “4 Chants d’Ardenne”, composed by Peter Visser on the poems of the Dutch romantic poet Jacques Perk, who was of great importance for La Roche-en-Ardenne. Do you know the monument for Jacques and his father Marie Adrien Perk, pastor of the Walloon church in the Netherlands, which stands on the roadside of the Avenue du Hadja, as can be seen on the picture above.

And of course we know Monsieur Jacques who makes these nice thin chocolate slices for on our sandwiches. Last weekend we were visited by friends from the Netherlands, France and the UK and we gave them each a package and they loved it!

Daisy Hoste

Could there still be another Jacques? Sure, but written as Jack. He is going to repair our terrace, which wasn’t properly done a decade ago and now has to be renewed. Jack is a very kind guy: he allowed me to stick a flyer of our concert of 5 and 6 October on the windscreen of his van and will distribute flyers as well. And, such a coincidence, he lives in the same street as our fellow artist Daisy Hoste, who will expose paintings of hers during our concerts.

Cultural Center of Bavaux

It really helps t know that we get a lot of support of the Dutch living here in Wallonie. Jack distributes flyers. Ren de Vree of the digital newsmagazine “Waals Weekblad” (Walloon Weekly) has made publicity for the workshop “Chant Souriant” – “Sing with a smile” which I am going to give at the Cultural Center of Barvaux from 10 October onward. I will use some poems by Jacques Prévert here as well.

If you are interested to participate in these workshops, you are more than welcome! Of course we will sing, but I will also pay attention to other aspects that relate to the body and the voice: warming up the voice, voice exercises (vocalises), bodywork before singing (a bit of yoga, brain gym), meditation and poems, breathing and posture, personal presentation.

If you’d like to help us distributing flyers for our concerts on 5 and 6 October, please contact one of us. It will be much appreciated.

Enjoy the week

Marijke Persijn

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