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On a regular basis we share videos of pieces we performed on YouTube. By now they’re quite a lot and they can be seen on the channel that Eric made (ericjvanderhorst). It also is a good moment to realise how vast our repertoire has become by now, especially knowing that not all we bring is published for viewing.

Virgam Virtutis, G.F. Haendel

We thought it might be interesting to share comments we receive from fellow viewers of a specific video, in this case the one of Virgam Virtutis by Haendel, which we performed during our Easter concert 2019 in La Roche-en-Ardenne.

Marie Elaine Henderson- Cleland: Another movingly beautiful example of the Trio Magma – and your spinning long phrases with immaculate breathing technique plus flexibility – a source of delight! What a lovely end to Sunday! Thank you for sharing this. Marie Miller

Astrid Kompier: Really sung very beautifully! And that last one, such a beautiful aria. (Eternal Source of Light Divine, MP) Thanks for posting it. You are an amazing trio. ( I tell her that the aria “Virgam Virtutis” always makes me happy, MP) Astrid: And you sing it in a beautiful way, that’s why it is so moving.

Louisa Heine and Gyde Knebusch: Beautifuuuuuuuul!

Easter concert 2019

Puck Puck: Great! And your voice is so well under control!!! It really was worth listening ot! To be honest, I rarely listen to this kind of music, but this really brought tears of emotion to my eyes!

Monique van der Hoeven: This is so beautiful, Marijke – the three of you are so well balanced and you really honour this aria with you wonderful warm voice! It made me happy!

Monique van Driel: You have a wonderful voice, Marijke. It all sounds really well together.

Trees Groothuis- Ter Huurne: Beautifully sung, Marijke. Such great music and song, gave me goose bumps.

Marie Elain Henderson- Cleland: Dearest  Marijke. Have already heard and commented on the beauty of this video on U-Tube. Just had another listen to it. Superb. Look forward to hearing more of that concert and to enjoying the Trio Magma. Sheer delight! Much love Mariexxxx Viva Trio Magmazzz

Caroline Destoop: Very very beautiful, Marijke

Easter concert 2019

Edwin Hinfelaar: A short reaction to your Virgam Virtutis. I definitely like the performance. You present this aria in a simple and fragile manner. I still have the feeling I am missing the essential atmosphere. As far as that is concerned, a recorded video/CD or YouTube film usually is a poor representation of the real thing. Listening to it a couple of times, the feeling remains “I should have been present”! It is great to also hear you refind each other if by accident you miss each other a bit on the way. Performing in a big space like this you need not only be technically well aligned musicians, but also your mental channels must be in full communication mode. Really well done.

The MaGMa Trio

Dear colleague singers, colleague musicians, friends in music, we, the members of the MaGMa Trio (Marijke Persijn mezzosoprano, Marijke Verbeeck flute and Gérard Lambert organ) thank you all for your kind comments! They really do well and give us inspiration!

If you would like to comment on any of our videos, we really would appreciate it!

Heartwarming musical greetings, Marijke Persijn.

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