– Love and Romance

J.F.M. (Jacques) PERK

Our MaGMa Trio will take part in the BAM! festival 2019.

On Sunday 6 October we will give a concert in hotel Floréal in La Roche-en-Ardenne. We composed a lovely programme of baroque music around the theme “Passion”, the central theme of the festival, but we’ll also bring pieces of Dutch composers.

Peter Visser composed “Four Songs of the Ardens” using poems of Jacques Perk, who was of great importance to La Roche as was his father Marie Ardrien Perk . Please have a look at the Blogs “Marie Adrien Perk, his son Jacques and La Roche” and “Three composers: Lambert, Kalkman and Visser”.

Eric did a lot of research and me myself, I try to feel and understand these four poems and to learn them by heart. Jacques Perk was a very romantic youngster who really could be submerged, drowning almost in love. He transformed Mathilde, whom he met here in La Roche, into his Muse. Inspired by her, he wrote a cycle of one hundred sonnets, titled “An Ideal”. Featuring Mathilde – of course -, La Roche and nature. Today I present to you the poem “De Burcht in puin”- “Castle in ruins”. I really don’t know how to translate it, I would never be able to express myself properly, honouring the poet. But I’ll try to explain what the poem is about.

The ruins of the Castle of La Roche, seen from the Deister-mountain

De burcht in puin

De purpren scheemring houdt de burcht omvangen,

– De glimvlieg glanst in ‘t mos der muur, en blauwt, –

En met een gloed van liefde op rozewangen,

Schenkt zij den scheidenskus aan ‘t puin, dat grauwt. –

De krekel sjirpt van weelderig verlangen,

En de echo van het puin, die ‘t antwoord bauwt,

Noodt den geliefde met die schrille zangen,

Die aanzweeft op een wiek van rossig goud:

En waar, voor eeuwen, ridderzangen klonken,

Staart nù de star der liefde ‘t zwijgen aan,

En droevig zendt ze uit schemerblauw heur lonken:

En weemoed fluistert zacht door de espenblaên….

De zwerver treurt, in mijmerij verzonken,

Dat het verleden is voorbij-gegaan….

La Roche-en-Ardenne, end 19th – early 20th century

The poem has a very gentil atmosphere. You see the ruins of the castle of La Roche-en-Ardenne, the sun is setting. The light is enchantingly violet. You hear the cricket and it’s song echoed by the ruins. Before, the Knights chanted there. Now you see the Star of Love, completely silent. Nostalgia whispers through the trembling leaves. The wanderer, submerged in his dreams, regrets that the past has passed …

The poster for our concert

Enjoy your week

Marijke Persijn

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