– Larochante – MaGMa Trio – A Choeur Ouvert

The month of April has been a month of beautiful concerts.

Larochante from La Roche-en-Ardenne

The 7th of April the choir Larochante, conducted by Bernadeta Artym, celebrated its 40th anniversary. They brought two great works composed by Karl Jenkins. Before the break we listened to the requiem, with a solo for a boy soprano in the “Pie Jesu”. It was funny to see that he sung this from the pulpit, the place from where Marijke Verbeeck would play her flute solo the week after, during our concert. Chapeau, young man, well done! His performance brought back sweet memories of the time that our son Kim was member of the boys choir of the Basilica of Oldenzaal in the Netherlands. After the break it was time for the Adiemus, completing an exceptional concert!

The week after this concert the church was open for our MaGMa Trio Easter Concert. We had put together a very interesting programme with pieces by Bach, Händel, Vivaldi, Pergolesi as well as the  “Je vous salue Marie” composed by our own Gérard Lambert. It was a mixture of sad, happy and modest music, very well received by the enthusiastic audience. They really had forgotten their daily worries en fully enjoyed our music and it was a pleasure to hear that from them! Last week we offered you the video of our opening aria “Eternal Source of Light Divine” by Handel. Today we provide the clip of our last aria of the concert, “Virgam virtutis” by the same composer (click on the link above please).

A Choeur Ouvert from Rendeux

Last night the choir A Choeur Ouvert from Rendeux celebrated its 20th anniversary. Beautiful bouquets of broom were placed at the entrance door as well as inside the church. Garlands were all around and we were offered a nice song accompanying a glass of “bubbly”. It was a real festive occasion and the programme was interesting as well, with before the pause songs performed by Octal Free Songs and after the pause A Choeur Ouvert. It was great fun and it was actually one big reunion, meeting so many people I know, like Father Body and Marie-Claire.

Spring is in the air!

We wish you a wonderful spring week!

Marijke Persijn

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