– Easter Concert MaGMa Trio in La Roche

Such a beautiful Easter weekend this year, isn’t it? Everyone is enjoying it so much. Yesterday morning Eric and me were hosting a guided tour once again in the Wildlife Park in la Roche and even at 10 o’clock in the morning there was plenty of sunshine, making it all even more enjoyable for both visitors and ourselves.

And now it’s Easter and I can have my fresh orange juice in the sun on the border of “our” river!

Last week the outside circumstances were a lot harsher. It was pleasant for our audience to be indoors in our so beloved Saint Nicolas Church of La Roche while listening to our musical interpretations. Véronique, the sacristan, had prepared everything and had heated the church, a big thank you for this!

Some of our old friends and fans had to let us know that due to other obligations, they couldn’t make it to be present. But we made new friends and from them and our families and interested visitors we received enthusiastic reactions after the concert. That was so nice to hear and it made us very happy. It is good to hear people say that they were touched and that time flew by. That they could really let go of daily thoughts and worries and could let themselves be taken away by the music. That they could feel the emotions of the arias.

Eric has been so kind to edit a video of the aria “Eternal Source of Light Divine” by Handel. With this beautiful work we opened our concert. Some background about it you can read in our blog of 24 February 2019. We hope you’ll enjoy the video!

We, the MaGMa Trio and Eric, wish you a lovely Easter weekend!

Marijke Persijn

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