– Rehearsing in La Roche

Today our blog is a bit later than usual. We had our first rehearsal for our Easter Concert in the Saint Nicolas church in La Roche, that’s why. It also means that the morning is used for yoga, meditation and doing many exercises to warm up my voice. For Gérard and Marijke “flute” that probably looks a bit different.

We really had to get used to the big space again. The last winter months it was good to be able to rehearse in my music room, but performing in this spacious environment is quite different. And adding to that the beautiful weather caused the beginning of my allergy, as we say “frogs in my throat”.

The church was so beautiful now as the sun was shining through the glass stain windows, making coloured marks on walls, chairs, statues and floor. My favourite statue is that of Mother Mary with little baby Jesus on her arm, close to the organ.

It really is inspiring to make music in this place. Soeur Simone is taking good care of us and the people who entered and remained to listen for a while, were enthusiastic.

Did you mark the date? Sunday 14 April 2019 at 16.00 hrs!

Have a lovely week,

Marijke Persijn

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