– Our own MaGMa Trio composer: Gérard Lambert

A composer needs inspiration for her or his creations. Mother Mary, Marijke Verbeeck and myself seem to have been the sources of inspiration for Gérard Lambert when he wrote his beautiful work “Je vous salue, Marie” or “Hail Mary”.

If you had the opportunity to view the video that announces our Easter concert, you’ve already heard an exerpt of this contemplative composition of Gérards.

During our “Florilège Baroque” concert of 25 June 2016 in the Saint Nicolas church of La Roche, Eric made a video of this piece which can be heard and seen on YouTube. Also during the concert in April this work is part of our programme. In the period around Easter, Mother Mary occupies an important place. The Mother who sees her son being crucified. And how lucky she must have been after it is discovered that He has arisen from His grave! In this blog you can enjoy the full video.

Once more we wish you a memorable week with great music!

Marijke Persijn

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