– Great Autumn Concert of MaGMa Trio in Dochamps

What a pleasure it was to encounter such an enthusiastic audience last Sunday afternoon in the church of Dochamps! We noticed that people were enjoying the music so much and that made singing and playing even more fun! We met some new people that had been alerted to our concert by the Walloon Weekly (thank you for advertising our concert!). We saw familiar faces, which is such a pleasure! Finnaly I met the man who always shares our messages so kindly: Pascal Daulne. He is the mayor of Dochamps and is a great music lover. The same evening he posted a very positive reaction to our concert on Facebook. Everybody really enjoyed our programme and admired the enthusiasm and joy we displayed ourselves.

Once again we’d like to thank Marie-Esther and Patrick Gillard for the warm welcome and for taking care of us so well. They had organized a nice little event afterward, the church offered all present a drink and something to nibble. We really appreciate having an opportunity to mingle with our audience after the concert and exchange experiences. We have been invited to come back next year and we definitely are going to do so!

Have a nice week,

Marijke Persijn

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