– Dochamps: blessing of the painting and the Concert of the MaGMa Trio

Saturday night, 27 October, a special celebration took place in the church of Dochamps. The recently restaured magnificent main painting was to be blessed and the sacristan Marie-Esthèr had invited our Trio to contribute to this ceremony musically. Regrettably Gérard had a concert with his Walloon choir “Les Tchanteus d’après Meynut” in Chéoux, so he was not available. Marijke Verbeeck however proposed her solo for our Autumn Concert of the 18th, the “Fantasy nr. 2” by Telemann. And she did beautifully!

Luckily my friends and musical colleagues of the Picantolino Trio, Peter and Christine Visser, were our guests and we offered to present the “Agnus Dei” by Mozart.

It was a very special night. Our compliments to the son of Marie-Esthèr and Patrick Gillard, who took it upon him to realise the restauration of the painting through finding restauration experts, acquire the necessary funding and so on. On the accompanying video above you can see  the situation of October 2017 and the new one of 27 October 2018. And … you enjoy the music brought by Marijke!

Don’t forget to mark this in your agenda: Sunday afternoon 18 November 2018 at 16.00 hrs: Autumn Concert of the MaGMa Trio, titled “Highlights of Operas and Operettas”!

Enjoy the week!

Marijke Persijn

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