– MaGMa Trio and the artists Van Duin, Delleur and Hoste

Besides our love for music, Marijke Verbeeck, Gérard Lambert and myself share an equal love for other forms of art. That is the reason why painter Daisy Hoste had expositions of her works during our concerts and that is why we offered her a musical farewell during her last exposition in the Jenneret Castle.

On my personal blog I have written more often about the times that I worked together with other artists and the way this gave us so many beautiful experiences. It feels great when different art forms influence each other in a respectful manner.

Supported by paintings of Daisy Hoste

Gérard Lambert invited me on Sunday 30 September to join him to La Roche. We spoke with photographer Thibaut Thirion and the artists painter Madeleine Remy (she also paints on silk) and Evangeli Pappavassiliou (paintings and mixed techniques). We admired and discussed their works which were exposed in the art gallery under the church as well as in the church itself and the Espace Purnalet nearby.

Last Friday I visited the Espace Purnalet once more. By the way, did you know that “Purnalet” is the name of the local alcoholic beverage of La Roche? I was invited to join a vernissage of the exposition of the painter Marcel Delleur. His works really impressed me, especially his “trompe l’oeil”. This is a painting technique used to present a scene which is as if it were real, but it “fools the eye”- the translation of the French “trompe l’oeil”. Because his own eyes have gone worse, the style of Marcels paintings has changed quite dramatically, compared to his earlier works. Personally I do love his more recent works very much.

I was deeply saddened by the passing away of my friend Jacomijn (Jackie) van Duin on the 7th of October at the age of 66. We got to know each other during our music studies at the Schumann Academy in Rotterdam and performed together with a.o. “La Danza” by Rossini. This piece really is awfully demanding for the pianist and she did great! Besides this she painted and later on turned to photography. She wrote poems and sung in two choirs. In the last month of her life we had intense communications once again, her being in the hospice in the Netherlands and me being in Belgium.

In her honour and to present some of her works, Eric made this video. You hear the recording of “Caro mio ben” of the MaGMa Trio as performed during our Spring Concert of this year in the church of Gênes. Yesterday was the day of the impressive farewell ceremony in the Hartebrug Church in Leiden (the Netherlands), after which Jackie sailed off in a boat filled with red roses …

Marijke Persijn

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