– Gluck and the death of Euridice

C.W. von Gluck

Stories from ancient Greec mythology have inspired writers and composers through the ages. Amongst them Christopo Willibald von Gluck (1714-1787). He was originally from Bohemia and moved to Prague in 1731 to dedicate his life to music. Not something his father was proud of. Then in 1736 he oves to Milan, following composition lessons with Giovanni Battista Sammartini. In 1741 his first opera was performed, Artaserse. Because this was a great success, many Italian cities wanted him to write for them as well. Even London found him which led to him discovering Händel and his music. After 1746 he was bandmaster of a travelling music opera company. In 1752 he moves again, to Vienna this time, where he was appointed Composer at the Court of Mary Theresa. Here he died in 1787.

Orfeo ed Euridice

Gluck mainly composed operas and was known for creating so called “reform operas”. They were a reaction to the serious Italian operas from those days, the opera seria, in which the storyline was hardly important and the virtuosity of the voices was dominant.

During his time in Vienna, Gluck discovered additional possibilities. For him the ideal situation in art would be achieved when all art forms would be equally contributing to the realization of the dramatic line in the opera. “Orfeo ed Euridice” was an attempt to realise this idea.

In Vienna he was not successful with this kind of opera, but in Paris the appreciation was completely different. Here they already had learned to love the French “tragédie-lyrique”, which resembled the reform opera more or less.

“Che farò senza Euridice” from the opera “Orfeo ed Euridice” probably has become his most renowned and appreciated aria. Today I would like to highlight this piece as it was my mothers favorite. She passed away on the 22nd of August 2019. She got to know this aria through the interpretation by her sister Dora, who had a warm alto voice. Gérard Lambert and myself are very happy that our interpretation of this aria, with its recitative, has become our most viewed and appreciated clip on YouTube!

To honour my mother who would have reached the age of 92 on the 24th of August this year, I’d like to present that video, recorded during our Concert Quattuor on 27 september 2014 in the Sint-Nicolas church of La Roche-en-Ardenne.

I am convinced that this great music will touch your hearts as much as it does ours, both through its music and its words and – as I hope – our interpretation.

Che farò senza Euridice
Dove andrò senza il mio ben.
Euridice, o Dio, risponde
Io son pure il tuo fedele.
Euridice! Ah, non m´avvanza
più socorso, più Speranza
ne dal mondo, ne dal ciel.

What will I do without Euridice
Where will I go without my beloved one.
Euridice, oh God, answer
I am entirely your loyal one.
Euridice! Ah, it doesn´t give me
any help, any hope
neither from this world, nor from heaven.

Enjoy the week

Marijke Persijn

– Happy with all your positive comments!

Marijke Verbeeck, Gérard Lambert and myself would like to thank everybody for all the kind and positive reactions we have received after our concert in Dochamps on 18 November 2018 and on the videos which Eric van der Horst registered and edited.  

We tried to facilitate your preparations for our Autumn Concert through our blogs with explanations of arias and presenting our programme. 

We like to show you a number of those reactions we received in writing. From the comments through WhatsApp and Messenger I can only give you three … I ran into major problems trying to copy them into this blog. It was a great pleasure to find many kind remarks and enthusiast feedback there as well! As most remarks were written in Dutch, I will not present them here in the English blog, but if you like to read them I’d invite you to go to the Dutch version of this blog (just click on the dutch flag on the right). I’ll give you the english remarks in order of subject and time.



This year for the first time we will not give a Christmas concert. 

However, we are already busy preparing for our Easter concert in the church of La Roche-en-Ardenne, 7 or 14 April 2019! We will keep you informed.

Enjoy the week,

Marijke Persijn

– Queen Maxima, Joop van den Ende – music producer, Music and Brain Gym

In last weeks blog I wrote about the fun we have performing our concerts and how much the audiences appreciate that.

Monday 26 November I gave a lesson about “Brain Gym” for our reading-volunteers from the library of Barvaux. The book I use as background information contains a beautiful thesis: Movement and Learning are complementary. One cannot do without the other.

This morning I saw a television show in which Joop van den Ende, famous Dutch music producer, explained that our Queen Maxima had approached him to explore together how it could be achieved that “Music” would enter into the classrooms again!!! It shocked me to hear that already some 18 years ago the education for teacher was stripped of the subject Music in the student programmes. So stupid and unbelievable! I am happy that things are changing again thanks to Queen Maxima and Joop van den Ende.


Joop van den Ende explained in very clear language the importance of music education and of, amongst others, singing together. How this positively affects the learning abilities of individual students but also improves social cohesion between them and even helps preventing bullying! It helps them to become responsible and independently thinking grown-ups.

An additional way to help children in their development is by doing the so called “26 Brain Gym exercises”, easily to be adapted and/or used in all sorts of educational activities. For those of you interested in learning or working at educational facilities and if you are interested in singing, moving and the theory behind Brain Gym, I recommend the books, DVDs and the CD I use and which are also available in English. Please connect to the website of Hearts at Play for more information.

And let’s never forget the fun aspect! If that is missing, music lessons could even evoke aversion to music. An atmosphere of safety, warm attention and fun really contributes to the well being and learning abilities of the pupils!

Do enjoy the video of our Lully arias from the opera Armide as performed during our Autumn Concert!

Marijke Persijn


– Great Autumn Concert of MaGMa Trio in Dochamps

What a pleasure it was to encounter such an enthusiastic audience last Sunday afternoon in the church of Dochamps! We noticed that people were enjoying the music so much and that made singing and playing even more fun! We met some new people that had been alerted to our concert by the Walloon Weekly (thank you for advertising our concert!). We saw familiar faces, which is such a pleasure! Finnaly I met the man who always shares our messages so kindly: Pascal Daulne. He is the mayor of Dochamps and is a great music lover. The same evening he posted a very positive reaction to our concert on Facebook. Everybody really enjoyed our programme and admired the enthusiasm and joy we displayed ourselves.

Once again we’d like to thank Marie-Esther and Patrick Gillard for the warm welcome and for taking care of us so well. They had organized a nice little event afterward, the church offered all present a drink and something to nibble. We really appreciate having an opportunity to mingle with our audience after the concert and exchange experiences. We have been invited to come back next year and we definitely are going to do so!

Have a nice week,

Marijke Persijn

– Programme Dochamps 18 November 2018 after the pause

Because we are quite busy with the last preparations for the Autumn Concert we are presenting coming Sunday, 18 November 2018 in the church of Dochamps, you receive our weekly blog a bit earlier than usual.

After the pause, operette and musical will have a more important place in the line up of the programme. We are sure you will recognise a number of the works!

“Air du Rossignol”, from the opera « Hippolyte et Aricie » by J. Ph. Rameau
“Over the Rainbow”, from the film “Wizzard of Oz” by H. Arlen
“Ich trete ins Zimmer”, from the opera “Das Land des Lächelns” by F. Lehar
“Im Salon zur blau’n Pagode”, from the opera “Das Land des Lächelns” by F. Lehar
“Barcarolle” from the opera “Les Contes d’Hoffmann” by J. Offenbach – Gérard Lambert
“Poussez, poussez l’escarpolette” from the opera “Véronique” by A. Messager
“Nous avons, hélas!” from the operetta “Les cloches de Corneville” by R. Planquette

We are looking forward to welcoming you Sunday 18 November 2018 at 16.00 hrs in the church of Dochamps! Afterward a “verre d’amitié”, a “drink of friendship” will be offered.

See you Sunday!

Marijke Persijn

– Programme Dochamps 18 november 2018, before the pause

Today we are proud to present the programme of our Autumn Concert in Dochamps, the part before the pause.
Have you written it it in your agendas? Sunday 18 November 2018 at 16.00 hrs in the church of Dochamps.
In recent blogs you can find videos and explanations, texts and translations of several arias.
We are looking forward to welcoming you next week! The people of the church are so kind to offer a drink after the concert!

This is the programme:
“La Speranza è giunta”, from the opera “Ottone, Re di Germania” by G. F. Haendel
“Vieni o figlio”, from the opera “Ottone, Re di Germania” by G. F. Haendel
“Ah ! si la liberté”, from the opera « Armide » by J. B. Lully
“Venez, venez, Haine implacable”, from the opera « Armide » by J.B. Lully
“Fantaisie pour flûte n° 2 in A minor” by G. Ph. Telemann, solo Marijke Verbeeck
“Giunse al fin / Deh vieni non tardar”, from the opera « Le nozze di Figaro » by W.A. Mozart
“Se cerca, se dice” from the opera « L’Olimpiade » by A. Vivaldi
“La Caverneuse, Première Suite pour clavecin” by J.B. de Boismortier, solo Gérard Lambert
“Le Basque”, from Premier Livre de pièces de clavecin by J. Boutmy, solo Gérard Lambert

Enjoy the week,
Marijke Persijn

– Dochamps: blessing of the painting and the Concert of the MaGMa Trio

Saturday night, 27 October, a special celebration took place in the church of Dochamps. The recently restaured magnificent main painting was to be blessed and the sacristan Marie-Esthèr had invited our Trio to contribute to this ceremony musically. Regrettably Gérard had a concert with his Walloon choir “Les Tchanteus d’après Meynut” in Chéoux, so he was not available. Marijke Verbeeck however proposed her solo for our Autumn Concert of the 18th, the “Fantasy nr. 2” by Telemann. And she did beautifully!

Luckily my friends and musical colleagues of the Picantolino Trio, Peter and Christine Visser, were our guests and we offered to present the “Agnus Dei” by Mozart.

It was a very special night. Our compliments to the son of Marie-Esthèr and Patrick Gillard, who took it upon him to realise the restauration of the painting through finding restauration experts, acquire the necessary funding and so on. On the accompanying video above you can see  the situation of October 2017 and the new one of 27 October 2018. And … you enjoy the music brought by Marijke!

Don’t forget to mark this in your agenda: Sunday afternoon 18 November 2018 at 16.00 hrs: Autumn Concert of the MaGMa Trio, titled “Highlights of Operas and Operettas”!

Enjoy the week!

Marijke Persijn

– Text and translation of the Aria of the Roses by Susanna

In last weeks blog I told a little bit about Mozarts opera “Le Nozze di Figaro” and about Susanna and Figaro, Count Almaviva and his wife, the Countess. This time I’d like to present the tekst of the recitative and of the aria as sung by Susanna, with their translations.

Rec. Giunse al fin il momento:

Giunse al fin il momento che godrò senz’affanno in braccio all’idol mio.

Timide cure, uscite dal mio petto, a turbar non venite il mio diletto!

Oh, come par che all’amoroso foco l’amenita del loco, la terra e il ciel risponda,

come la notte i furti miei seconda!


At last the moment has come that I shall enjoy without distress in the arms of my idol.

Timid cares, leave my breast,do not come to disturb my delight!

Oh how the beauty of this place,the earth and sky seem to answer my amorous fire;

as the night assists my thefts!

Aria Deh vieni non tardar:

Deh, vieni non tardar, oh gioja bella, Vieni ove amore per goder t’appella,

Finché non splende in ciel notturna face, finché l’aria è ancor bruna e il mondo tace.

Qui mormora il ruscel, qui scherza l’aura, Che col dolce sussurro il cor ristaura,

Qui ridono i fioretti e l’erba è fresca, Ai piaceri d’amor qui tutto adesca.

Vieni, ben mio, tra queste piante ascose, ti vo’la fronte incoronar di rose.


Oh come, do not be long, my dearest joy, come to where love calls you to take delight,

For as long as the moon shines not in the sky, for as long as the air is dark and the world is silent.

Here the brook murmurs and the wind whispers sweetly, refreshing the hearts;

Here are charming flowers and fresh grass, here all entices to love pleasures.

Come, my love, among the hidden trees, I’ll crown your head with roses.

Have a nice week!


Marijke Persijn


– Recitative and Susannas aria from “Le Nozze di Figaro” – “Figaro’s wedding” by Mozart

During its Autumn concert in the church of Dochamps on Sunday 18 November 2018 at 16.00 hrs, the MaGMa Trio will present a wonderful and exciting programme with arias from operas, operettas and even musicals . You’re all more than welcome!

Continue reading

– You want to get acquainted with the MaGMa Trio?

Do you want to get acquainted with our MaGMa Trio? You’d like to see the church of Dochamps on the inside? You love Händels music? You’re eager to experience the sound of Gérards harpsicord? Do you love the impressions of the Ourthe and the nature of the Ardennes as we do? Or would you like to look back to the concert we gave in this “Saints Peter and Paul” church on 7 October 2017? You’ll find all of this in the little video that Eric van der Horst made especially for you!

A big “thank you” to Ren de Vree, composer and editor of the digital newspaper “Walloon Weekly”, who was so kind to place a pre-announcement of our Autumn Concert which we will give on Sunday 18 November 2018 (we start at 16.00 hrs.)

If some of you, as English native speakers, would like to visit our concert, please do inform us beforehand. This way my husband, Eric, who will do the introductions during the concert, will also be able to prepare an English version of it!

Enjoy the week,

Marijke Persijn