– Haydn: Winter and Spring

In October 2017 we brought “Nun beut die Flur” by Haydn in the church of Dochamps during our concert, derived from the oratorio “The Creation”(“Die Schöpfung”).

From our blog on 20190505 about this aria: “We would like to celebrate spring with you and therefore we offer you today a video that Eric made of our concert in Dochamps. This year, snow on the 4th of May here in the Ardennes, apparently we need to remember our weather gods that May means Spring! Do enjoy this beautiful composition by Haydn!

Quite the opposite right now. This month is more like spring in stead of winter …

As glad as Haydns composition about Spring might make you, you definitely feel cold and dismal listening to his composition about Winter from “The Seasons” (“Die Jahreszeiten”). Personally I really love this piece, for me it’s magical, mysterious and spooky, and now  and then very light as well.

Is it a coincidence that when Hanne sings during her cavatine “Light and Life have weakened, Warmth and Joy have disappeared” this so appropriately describes the situation Eric and I are in right now? Since last Thursday our heating broke down, the day after there was no warm water anymore either. And this on the eve of our concert “Winter Silence”. Quite uncomfortable and an extra challenge not to catch a cold when having to wash your hair. Monday the mechanic will come and fix it … we were promised …

Luckily we have a wood stove in the living and an electric heater for my music room. Marijke and Tijl already brought the harpsicord to the church, where it is cold as well … Poor instrument.

See you coming Sunday at 16.00 hrs,

Marijke Persijn

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