– Double festivities and our programme

Next week we actually have two reasons to celebrate: our Trio exists five years and in our audience we will have a couple that celebrates its 47th wedding anniversary that same day! A reason to bring their preferred music piece. Which one it is, is still a surprise. And as such you see it written down in the programme which we reveal today.

1Händel1585-1659Tecum PrincipiumDixit Dominus
2Purcell1659-1695Cold SongOpéra King Arthur
3Haydn1732-1809Einleitung Winter (Hiver)Die Jahreszeiten                Les Saisons
Simon et HanneDer Winter
Cavatine HanneL’Hiver
4Schubert1797-1828Der LeiermannWinterreise                         Voyage hivernal
5Boismortier1689-1755Les vents brisent leurs chaînesLes quatre saisons L’Hyver
6HändelSüsse Stille, sanfte Quelle9 Deutsche Arien nr. 4
7Delalande1657-1726Sustinuit anima meaDe Profundis
8Vivaldi1678-1741Largo Winter        Largo HiverThe four Seasons            Les 4 Saisons:  L’Hiver
9VivaldiAll’ombra di sospettoCantata RV 687
11DowlandFlow my tears
12HändelSe un dì m’adoraCantata Mi palpita il cor

We wil bring pieces by Vivaldi, Haydn and Boismortier. All three of them have composed a work named “Four Seasons”. And of course we have chosen other winter-pieces too as our concert is called “Winter Silence”. Great to have found pieces by Schubert and Purcell with Winter as theme as well.

Yes, I realise that winter seems far away at the moment, at least here in the Ardennes. Already trees are blossoming in the Arboretum and I feel that my hay feaver allergy is not far away either, regrettably. But we are looking forward to offering you this magnificent music!

Welcome in the church in Dochamps coming Sunday 26 January at 16.00 hrs!

Marijke Persijn

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