– Daisy Hoste, painter from Enneille/Durbuy

Next concert of the MaGMa Trio, will be an exceptional event. Marijke Persijn, mezzosoprano, Marijke Verbeeck, flute and Gérard Lambert, harpsicord, assisted by Marco Kalkman on harpsicord, will bring a worldpremiere of poems by Jacques Perk, set to music by Peter Visser.

This concert will take place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October 2019 during the BAM! festival in La Roche-en-Ardenne. “Passion” is the theme of this years festival and it is the red thread returning in all different artforms present. And that’s exactely the reason why the misicians have sought assistance from Daisy Hoste, painter from Enneille/Durbuy. Luckily she accepted the invitation to participate. Her works will definitely contribute to a welcoming atmosphere in the room of hotel Floréal, where the concert will be.

“It is not the beauty of a work of art that provokes our admiration, it is our admiration that makes it beautiful.”, an expression from Pabl Picasso, quoted on Daisys site. She sees her atelier as a laboratory, a place of quest. The painter has a very specific view on reality and expresses this through her/his creative and very personal work, being a process of reflexion and observation at the same time.

Daisys works expresses her evolution in art, her versatility and her ability to involve different forms of art. During a number of concerts of the MaGMa Trio, Daisy exposed her works in order to contribute to an experience beyond music.

Although Daisy no longer provides expositions, she agreed to contribute to this project “between alienation and creation” in combination with the poems that were set to music.

For more information about Daisy Hoste and her work, please visit https://daisyhoste.weebly.com/ or http://www.daisyhoste.net/

Don’t forget to order your tickets through this site!

Enjoy the week, Marijke Persijn

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